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Vets 22 Has Fed Thousands of Veterans At The Va Outpatient Clinic In Jacksonville Florida.


Vets 22 is a Florida-based, resource-driven organization that focuses on improving the lives of veterans through innovation. We initially started as a mobile application developed as an extension of Tech From Vets. The technology company decided to use funds from digital marketing sales and personal investment returns for philanthropy. The 501c3 was established in 2018 and we have helped tens of thousands of veterans access life-saving resources through innovation and events nationwide.

In the beginning, we facilitated access to citywide resources as our initial focus was solely on impacting the lives of veterans in our local ecosystem. We’ve since refocused our scope, allocating more funds to programs and initiatives with a broader range of interests and funding projects that meet our mission.

One of our missions is building camaraderie and improving the mental health of our veterans. We do this by providing free food, free books, free event tickets, and veteran-focused information to our veterans at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Jacksonville Florida.