ALL LIVES MATTER ALL LIVES MATTER: Why Silence on White Children Murdered by Black Criminals? Kenn Daily In 1955, Emmett Till was brutally murdered shortly after molesting a young white woman to amuse his friends. The young victim was only 14-years-old at the time of his death. Apologists for black crime exploit the homicide, claiming that Till merely flirted with the woman. Furthermore, they remind us that the teen’s murder is evidence of perennial white hatred for black people. True to form, the predatory left is consistent only in its inconsistency. While making Emmett Till an icon of white racism, the left ignores the ongoing epidemic of white children murdered by blacks. I’m here to set the record straight. • Earlier this month 48-year-old Danny Lee Hill asked for a new trial. Hill was incarcerated for murdering 12-year-old Raymond Fife 30 years ago. The victim was found discarded in a wooded field in Warren, OH. His father found the boy naked, raped, and tortured by Hill. He appeared to have been burned and badly beaten. The boy died two days after his father found him. Hill is black. His young victim was white. • 15-year-old Shayleen van Zanten was murdered for her cell phone in South Africa. The teen was walking on a beach with a friend when a male demanded her cell phone. When van Zanten refused, the attacker fatally stabbed her. The crime occurred earlier this month. A police sketch of the suspect revealed he is black. His young victim was white. • Two black males, moonlighting as deputies in Louisiana, fatally shot a six-year-old in November. Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. are charged with one count each of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. Their victim, Jeremy Mardis, was autistic. The little boy was buckled in his seat belt when the deputies unleashed a rain of bullets targeting the victim’s father, Christopher Flew, whom they had stopped at a cul de sac. A report said Parnell’s body camera shows that “Christopher Few’s empty hands are raised and visible inside the vehicle when gunfire becomes audible.” The officers are black. Their young victim was white. The boy’s father was reported in critical condition. • A six-year-old was fatally stabbed, police say, when 32-year-old Ronald Exantus invaded his home. Dead is Logan Tipton. The crime occurred in Versailles, Ky. Dec. 7. The little boy was white. Exantus is black. • Three males have been arrested on charges unrelated to the death of 15-year-old Nicole Angstadt. LaQuan Harris, 20, and Derrick Powers, 23, were charged with armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery; accused of robbing nine juveniles in their neighborhood. Also arrested was 32-year-old Charles Mosley — who was having a sexual relationship with Angstadt — for sexual assault of a person at least 13 but less than 16 years of age, endangering the welfare of a minor and trespassing. The body was discovered in the crawl space of an abandoned house in Cape May County, NJ. Angstadt, who is white, was reported missing Dec. 1. The three suspects are black. • Eddie Ricky Nealy was sentenced to death this month. Nealy was convicted of raping and murdering 14-year-old Jody Lynn Wolf 30 years ago. Convicts typically spend about ten years on death row prior to execution. Nealy is black. His young victim was white. We estimate that Nealy will die about 40 years after he took the life of the innocent little girl. Jody Lynn may have been required to read the white-guilt novel To Kill A Mockingbird in school. The book is mandatory reading in many school districts. The novel and the subsequent film teach white Americans to empathize with black males accused of rape and that only narrow-minded, ignorant bigots would do otherwise. Jody Lynn was raped and murdered by Nealy in Fresno, Calif. in 1985. • Caleb Woosley was the same age as Trayvon Martin when the unarmed Indiana teen was brutally beaten to death by four urban savages. Unlike Martin, who died two years earlier, Woosely’s death received virtually no national media attention. And unlike Martin, Woosley was not killed in self defense. Rather, the unarmed Caleb Woosley was accosted in a Richmond, Indiana alley and beaten to death with baseball bats. His apparent offense was being white. Three of the four alleged attackers have been tried for their crime. The fourth, Deandre Plant, 21, began in Richmond Dec. 7. There are no riots by whites demanding “justice for Caleb”. The suspects are black. • Brenden Wilson, 16, was lured to a pathway near his high school where he was set upon by five savages, reports say. The oldest of the savages, 21-year-old Kawain Smalls, entered a guilty plea to first degree murder. The plea was reported Nov. 30. Wilson was brutally murdered in Nov. 2014. The alleged attackers are black. Wilson was white. The above is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. For more reports of white children murdered by black thugs, read my October 23, 2015 post on Kenn Daily on October 23, 2015 THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING: Why So Little Reporting on Black-on-White Crime? Joseph Bankston was only two-years-old when he was executed earlier this month. Reports say a soldier from Fort Campbell, Tenn. knocked on the family door requesting help. Pretending to need jumper cables for his stalled vehicle, the man gained entry into the house. Once inside he opened fire, fatally shooting the toddler in the head. The child died in this grandmother’s arms just days before his third birthday. Sketches released by police reveal the shooter was black. The tiny victim was white. Imagine the media firestorm had the races been reversed. Laylah Petersen was five-years-old and sitting on her grandfather’s lap when loud snaps of gunfire were heard outside their home in Milwaukee, Wisc. Two of the bullets entered the little girl’s head. She died later at the hospital. Arrested for her homicide earlier this month were three black males. Police call it a revenge shooting. The men were angry when another man was acquitted of a crime earlier in the day. Twelve casings from two firearms were recovered at the scene. It turns out that they shot at the wrong house. Laylah was white. Her alleged killers were black. The national mainstream media failed to report the crime and local media made no mention of the racial dimension. Had three white men been arrested for the fatal shooting of a five-year-old black girl, the media would be focused on the case for months — if not years — to come. Racism, they would say, is alive and well. The man convicted of murdering 9-year-old Cassie Lee Kucher requested parole this summer. Convicted for the murder is a black male who raped the little white girl before taking her life. He also murdered her mother, apparently as the girl watched. Police say it was the worse crime in the history of Leicester, Mass. You didn’t hear of this brutal double-homicide because black-on-white crime fails to mesh with the cultural Marxism narrative that blacks are the perennial victims of white oppression. 12-year-old Jonathan Foster was murdered by a black woman on Christmas Eve, 2010. Mona Nelson was found guilty of murdering the boy in a drunken rage, torching his body, and dumping it in a ditch. The crime occurred in Houston, Tex. Black killers of white children sometimes include the very young. Michael Connor Verkerke, 9, was stabbed to death at a neighborhood playground by a 12-year-old black boy. Eyewitness reports say Michael was murdered without provocation. The crime occurred in 2013 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Again, there was no notional media attention. News reports say that Autumn Pasquale, 12, was killed for her bicycle. When most children are testing their entrepreneurial mettle with lemonade stands, Autumn’s killer was engaged in selling stolen bicycle parts. He killed the little girl, we are told, to obtain her bike and sell it. A frantic search for Autumn ended when her body was found dumped in trash bin not far from her home. 15-year-old Justin Robinson was sentenced to 15 years for the crime. Autumn was white. Justin is black. Blacks attacking white children is not a new phenomenon. • In 1968 ten-year-old Pamela Powers excused herself to use the restroom at the Des Moines, Iowa YMCA. Pamela’s frozen, half-naked body was later retrieved from a nearby ditch. A black male and part-time minister left the building carrying a blanket-wrapped bundle which, he told the night watchman, contained a mannequin. A passing teenager later recalled seeing two “skinny white legs” protruding from the bundle. The following day — Christmas — Pamela’s blood-stained clothes were found near a truck stop. The killer surrendered to police. • 4-year-old Reba Lynn Marie Ryan was killed in September, 2012. Police believe the man who committed the crime is the live-in boyfriend of the little girl’s mother. The 39-year-old black male was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Reba died after being “whipped,” reports say. • Jeffrey Curley was smothered to death with a gasoline-soaked rag after being lured into a car by two adult males. They promised Jeffrey, 10, a new bike but, instead, molested him. The boy died when he bravely tried to fight back. Jeffrey’s body was placed in a “cement-filled Rubbermaid container wrapped in duct tape” and dumped in a river. Arrested were Charles Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari. Sicari’s brother, Robert Sicari, was convicted of raping Jeffrey’s playmate, a 10-year-boy, in a garage three weeks before the murder. Jaynes was later quoted by Channel5 in Massachusetts as saying, “I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I would pull him out of the grave and do it again and again.” The above reports expose the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Untold stories include thousands of white children whose parents were victims of black killers. Still, we immerse ourselves in shame, not because of our calloused disregard for the safety of our children, but from guilt imposed upon us after viewing movies such as The Green Mile in which a black man is falsely accused of murdering two little white girls. The Green Mile was fiction; a figment of Steven King’s imagination and embedded in our minds, compliments of Hollywood. The other stories are real and ongoing. We feel no shame and no guilt. Most are unaware that such crimes are epidemic in our nation, compliments of media bias. Links: Joseph Bankston –