How AnswerRing Works

How AnswerRing Works The Combat Veterans AnswerRing is a unique self-help device for Veterans. With every use by the Veteran, the AnswerRing identifies problems, provides recommendations for dealing with these problems, and encourages communication between the Vet and others about getting help. The Combat Veterans AnswerRing focuses on real problems experienced by many combat Vets and provides educational advice on how to resolve these problems in a straightforward, private manner. The device has over 117,000 combinations of situations and feelings frequently experienced by post-combat Veterans, making it easy to find ones own, clearly described situation in only a few minutes. These situations are serious, yet the AnswerRing engages the user and makes using it fun. Every situation described on the front of the Combat Veterans AnswerRing is matched to a specific recommendation that is custom-tailored on the back. So, the recommendation for your particular situation instantly appears when you flip the device over. EASY TO USE, JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS Step 1: Identify the main issue you have been dealing with since you got back from war. Do this by moving the four numbered tabs around the Ring until the proper sentence for your situation is displayed in the four windows on the front of the AnswerRing. Step 2: Flip the AnswerRing over, and read the sentence that appears in the windows on the back. This is the AnswerRings suggestion for how to start dealing with your issue. If you feel there may be danger involved in using the AnswerRing, get appropriate professional help before continuing to Step 3. Step 3: You can consider the AnswerRings suggestion on your own, or you can show the front and back sentences to your partner or another person, if appropriate. Judge for yourself how the suggestions may apply. The AnswerRing is educational, not therapeutic. This means that the device provides education such as suggestions for where to go and what resources are out there to help, but it is not intended to provide therapy. For therapy, you need to go to the appropriate professional. Step 4: Remember that the primary goal of the AnswerRing is to help you understand that your problems are shared by many Vets, and that there is direct help available to you, no matter how simple or complicated you think your problem is.