Why does the AnswerRing work?

First, it is incredibly simple: You dial in your situation, flip the AnswerRing over, and immediately have a recommendation for how to begin making life better. Solving even very complex problems starts with a few simple steps recommended by the AnswerRing. Because the AnswerRing is an educational tool, not a system of therapy, even people who only want some information can use it without worry. In other situations, people who may want to learn more about therapy are given tailor-made suggestions on where to find it. It is easy to ask the AnswerRing a question that you might be too embarrassed to even think about discussing with anyone else, because the AnswerRing is private if you want it to be. But, if you want to share your question and its suggestion, the AnswerRing is perfect for showing to someone else. You can choose: If you are thinking of something that you might want someone else to see, you can leave the AnswerRing on the table, dialed to a particular issue and its recommendation. But, if you are thinking about something that you feel is no one�s business but your own, you can scramble your dialed-in answer to make it read something else. Second, the AnswerRing does not take any effort to mess around with or to get interesting results. Although there are several useful websites referenced on the back of the device, you do not even have to turn on a computer or slog through advertisements to get valuable information. Finding the AnswerRing on the table is about all you need to do to notice it and try it out. Professional counselors such as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and social workers are really the best people to talk to about solving problems, but many Veterans (and perhaps you!) do not think they want or need to see a professional. When using the AnswerRing, you may change your mind about talking with a professional, but no one is going to make you. Also, there are many other choices that the AnswerRing suggests. It is not pushy; it is just a quiet friend who is working to educate you on some of the good choices that are available to you. Remember: Many of the problems combat Vets have in their personal lives are similar to those of thousands of other Vets. There are a lot of Vets out there, and interestingly, the same problems come up again and again. By identifying the most common problems and the most common reactions those problems cause, each AnswerRing can educate a Veteran, a parent, a family member, or a friend about what steps to take next.